Using social media to Inspire people and grow your business

Social media is a funny business, and for many, a daunting world that they feel they have no place in, but for business, this truly is a wonderful free tool that you can use to spread the word and work that you do to like-minded people. As a small business having the confidence to really sell yourself is hard, and that is where I come in. I am your hype man, the whirlwind that whips up excitement and encourages you to be proud of your achievements and own them.

Every small business has a story. What is yours? This story is inspiring as it lead you to this point where you have a business to grow. Any entrepreneur has taken a leap of faith, and that story is always worth telling. Using your social media platform to share that story and allow people into your business is a significant first step to building growth. In this pandemic world, we find ourselves in the borders have been broken down, the playing field levelled and now is a great time to put your business online and go up against the 'big corps' to take a slice of the pie.

Many consumers have refocussed their buying habits and want to know the ethics and ethos behind their products. The business journey is essential, and the way you make a product has become the centre of selling. Organic, vegan, sustainable, whatever your USP's and ways procurement of materials and stock if your products are sustainable and your business cares why not try to inspire others to your way of thinking. We can all do our bit as small businesses to grow a better buying culture. Whatever your story or benefit your business brings, take your social channels and share your business story. The little squares should be used for positivity, so why not use yours to inspire and grow your business at the same time. Content should never be for content's sake. You have a social media platform so use it wisely.


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