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Rediscovering the beauty of receiving a letter

It is funny how the simple pleasures become so heightened during a lockdown, the knock at the door from the postman draws the height of excitement in our house. Not one of us is left behind, and the postman's greeted by four excited human faces and two dogs. I have had a book of stamps stuck on the pegboard for six months, and in less than three weeks, we have used every single stamp. We have all written more letters and postcards during the lockdown than we had in the previous year. It made me ask myself why we had lost sight of this, how had we become so reliant on the simplicity and ease of an email or call that we had forgotten how incredibly exciting it feels to receive post. With this in mind I wanted to start to create some postcards, using my love of creating copy I will begin to re-look at how I engage with my clients, clients to be and most importantly my family.

I have very few truly treasured possessions, but many of them are letters postcards and recipes written by family members that are no longer with me. There is something beautiful and real about their handwriting, as I start to read them I can hear their voices in my head which brings them back to life in the most beautiful way. They leave us with handwritten moments in time, capturing memories that we may otherwise forget.

For someone who loves writing, I spend most of my time writing for other people. In the past eight weeks, I have miraculously rediscovered time to start creating my own content and also write letters and notes capturing moments as they happen to help me remember the silly things that happen while bringing up two small children, the conversations the made-up words and first words. I marked many milestones with my first, but the second has undocumented milestones which I would hate to forget.

2020 is the year of the postcard, to celebrate that I will be bringing you a postcards collection from my home to yours.

These will be available to buy on my online shop in small batches, allowing you to share this pure joy with your friends, loved ones and clients. If you would like to bring back the beauty of the written letter I can also help you design something special for your business to sell to your customers.

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