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Getting creative with online content

It is time to make this lockdown work for you and get creative with your brand content, getting your business connecting online effectively.

When you run your own business and freelance, you spend most of your time generating and doing the work, so often your social media accounts and websites fall lower down the priority list. But now is a perfect time to give your business a real online once over, starting with your social media.

1. Are you reaching the right people and if not, why not?

2. Look at what competitors are doing.

3. Clean it up and keep it focused, remember it is a business account, not a personal one. When you outsource your social media, that person organises it, creates the copy and keeps it focused on your brand, when you do it yourself it doesn't take long to get out of a routine so here are my tips.

It is time to be your own Hypeman! Get your social media sorted. This is a great moment to make time to get your own marketing strategies back on track. It is easy to lose sight of this when you are busy working with clients. Make a plan for the next month and using any of the fantastic insta/facebook programmers spend a day and get your Instagram looking back on brand. I use and Do some research into hashtags, adding a hashtag to your image increases its chance of reaching potential new clients. Give yourself a day a month, and this will keep it focused and hitting your audience.

Website maintenance. Now your social media is looking fabulous give your website a full MOT. Is it connecting you to the people you want to be reaching? If not, why not? Is your site Search Engine Optimised, have you found the latest keywords that are hitting the search engines? Have you used pictures to their full potential? Are they adding to your site and are they tagged effectively.

3. Content should never be for content's sake if you want to add to your website, make sure you are making something engaging as well as keyword-friendly.

Think that should keep you all busy for the next few weeks! Obviously, this is a service that we can offer, but in these turbulent times, it might be something you can start yourself. If you want any advice do contact us via our contact form on our website.

I hope these inspire you to start getting your business connecting online, with excitement for the future, whatever that may look like.


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