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Friday fun with funding and lockdown tips for small businesses!

It's Friday, it's week 6 of lock down in the UK shit is getting real for us freelancers and our small businesses. It is such a tricky time, so I wanted to launch my new website with a little blog to you all with some funding streams available, in case you had not already found them. As we are all in this together, now is a great time to reach out to the broader creative community. Hopefully, together we can all pull through this crazy time with some kind of business still intact.

So week 6! Well done to you all, high fives and social distancing hugs all round. We are still here, we are doing as we are told, and we are getting creative (maybe more so in the garden or home but that's cool too). This week I have been inspired by a sign that has appeared in our community, it simply says 'Kindness is contagious.' A lovely note to the town from Old School Thornhill (check them out they are doing some cool stuff!)

With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the research I have done on Funds, Grants and Commissions that are currently available. Searching them out can sometimes be off-putting, so here they are in a neat little package.

  1. Grants to help support you during this time. In case you have missed these, spend some time looking through my list below and see if any of them can help you out while you're not generating the income you are used to. Apply for them, what is the worst that could happen, I promise you this is not time wasted. Fill in some funding applications and send them off. That's Monday sorted!

  1. Funding/commissions: Here is a list of current funding opportunities and commissions that are available for makers and creators. Just because we are in a lockdown don't forget that you can still plan for the future. Prep and apply for any open funds that are accepting applications or will be in the coming months. Use this time to think of ways you can create a reaction piece to help us all process this once it's over. Think outside the box. If you need a bounce board, keep your eye out for local artist and community group Zoom meetings, we have one every 2 weeks via @oldschoolthornhill. Join us even if you're not in DG3. We are all in this together, sometimes it's nice just to see a friendly face and chat about all this madness.

Once your application form brain is bust, why not take a look at some of those jobs that you never usually have time for. Next week I will be looking at 2 tasks you can do to give your business a little boost during the lockdown.

It's margarita time!

E x

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